Mini Self Care Retreats

Feel like you need some time for yourself to really recharge? Maybe you are having aches and pains, on top of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

I am so excited to offer this retreat just for you! I have been working in massage for almost a decade and always struggled with feeling rushed with clients. This way I can focus on your overall well being in a personal, and customized way.

I would like to offer you an opportunity for wellness close to home. Where you can sneak away for a few hours and get the "me time" you deserve.

If you are ready you may sign up please book a free discovery call here.

What will be included? I'm glad you asked! You will receive a 3 hours with a combination of massage, Reiki, and Coaching.

Throughout my career I have learned the mind and body are truly connected. With coaching you will receive support in addressing your pain and stress through practical changes and shifts, whether it is exercises for your pain points, routines for your health, or tricks to keep you feeling good on the inside/ out.

With massage and Reiki to help you achieve a relaxed and meditative state. Help you clear the mind, and relieve pain. This is also a great way to be introduced to Reiki! A beautiful energy exchange to promote peace of mind and a relaxed experience.

Three hours of time with 2/5 hours of service. You never feel rushed, can enjoy tea and snacks in between, and customize your services in a flow that feels good for you. Unlike most retreats and spas. You receive focused 1:1 energy and attention. To really benefit and leave feeling renewed.

Located near Washington DC. In Courthouse, Arlington area. Easy drive or Uber ride away. A mini get away, and the perfect escape without all the hassle.

Book Today! Limited Space is Available. First come first serve. Book a free discovery call here to learn more.


“Chelsey is one beautiful soul and mind. I have know her for four years. I ran marathons and she was the only one who was be able to mitigate my running related tensions of my body. She help me to keep me injury free and qualify for Boston marathon. Currently I have found even deeper and more peaceful side of her and her practice. I regularly see her for reiki and her wellness and spiritual workshops, which are so rewarding and peaceful. I believe all our lives are full of stress and we are constantly in a rush. Though her workshops and reiki I have been able to find internal peace and seeing life different - we have to take time to reset our mind, thoughts and feelings. Chelsey is the person who would help you to achieve it. “ Kai

" I was in DC for business for a few days and my excessive travel was catching up with my back. I booked an hour long deep tissue/custom massage with Chelsea and I was amazed! She was warm, welcoming and quickly found my areas of pressure. Her hands are a gift! After 50+ massages and lots of PT, I can honestly say my back has not felt better than it did after my massage here" Nicole

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