Meditation Membership

We all would love to receive the benefits from meditation and mindfulness, but it can feel like a real struggle to do so on our own.

I created this membership for those who want a regular meditation practice, to shift their energy, and relieve their stress. This membership is for you if you struggle taking the time to meditate, feel like you aren't doing it right, are completely overwhelmed and stressed out.

What I have done is make it easy for you to meditate and take the time. We gather live virtually each month to go on a meditation experience. It creates accountability and structure for your day, all you have to do is show up!

To learn more check out the membership page Here

And check out what others have to say!

“Chelsey has a way of both tapping in and guiding participants. Her meditations flow from a divine space reflecting all of us and bringing respite for the spirit. I notice that the rest of my day flows with joy after a morning meditation with Chelsey.”

-Lindsay McKenzie

"Chelsey's meditations have been an extremely supportive space for to show up as I am, however that may be. They have taken me on exciting journey's and opened up new ways of thinking. I leave feeling more centered and grounded, as well as energized. They always feel like a safe place for me to arrive at. Highly Recommend!"

-Nicole Mannarino

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