About Me

Why you should work with me?

Hey! My name is Chelsey and I want you to know that you are welcome here. I am a seeker, and a believer. I seek happiness, and healing by honoring the heart. I believe in you and your ability to find happiness and healing in your own life. You have so much potential to release fear and move into the trust already inside of you. I hope to guide you with compassion, inspiration, and enthusiasm. Let's walk this path together.

  • Do you ever feel stuck in life? but too overwhelmed to do anything about it?
  • Do you seek more pleasure and unsure of how to attain it?
  • Do you struggle with loss, and could use someone to guide you in healing?

I want to assist you with all these, and more. I am here to listen, serve, and guide.

My Story

I discovered that I am living my life backwards.

Let me explain. I faced hardships first, and am having fun later. Some grow up as children should. Playing and seeing life with rose colored glasses. To then enter adulthood and have to begin to deal with the "real shit." I have had the opposite experience. Really hard stuff first, and now it’s more play and fun then I could have ever imagined as a kid.

My childhood went like this. I had older parents who had me late in life. They had struggles with finances, marriage, and being parents. When I was 11 my mother got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and battled it for a year and a half. It was here when I first remember stepping into a motherly role. Which continued when I grew up with a single dad, who again, struggled with finances and being a parent. Very early on I saw a glimpse into the “real” world.

All this catapulted me into a world of trying to heal from my loss, break the cycle of the mindsets I took on from my parents, forgive those I loved, and find my authentic self in the process.

I have walked this path feeling alone, overwhelmed, unloved, and afraid. But I am here to tell you, you are not alone, you are loved, and you are so much stronger than your fears.

If you feel called to work with me I would be honored to guide, listen, and lend a helping hand. To reassure, comfort, and empower you. I am so eternally grateful to be sharing my story and will hopefully be hearing yours soon.

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