Mornings Simplified

We have all been there! Waking up feeling rushed and frazzled, and out of sorts. Just trying to grab everything we need, and running out the door. Not having any moments of calm, peace, or order.

What if we could begin shifting that? So we could go from a frazzled mess to an intentional morning, built for you.

How can we begin to create an intentional morning?

Let’s begin with simplifying your morning with a little preparation.

 "I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." J. B. Priestley

So we can begin each day as a fresh start and welcome a little more magic into our day.

We will begin by looking at food, cleaning, and bedtime.

Let's start with my favorite subject, food!

In my experience some of my most hectic, out of sorts mornings have been when I don’t have time to eat breakfast. I start my day on the hangryest type of moods. Yup that is a new word and I am making it a thing. You can be hangry and you can be the hangryest of all.

Our morning sets the tone and our bellies deserve the best. Even if you are not a breakfast type person. Having something light available or even an already packed lunch can make all the difference. 

What can you do the night before to make food in the morning easier?

Is it getting all the ingredients ready?

Making breakfast the night before? Like overnight oats.

Keeping something for breakfast at work. Packing your lunch in a way that gives you energy if you didn't have breakfast. Simplify how you use food in the morning with some preparation


Now my least favorite, cleaning. Waking up to an already messy kitchen or room can start your day with a feeling of mess. Imagine you wake up to a mess, don’t have time to clean in the morning, and come home to the same mess, when you are tired and unwilling. And the cycle repeats.

What could you clean up the night before that would make your morning feel fresh?

Maybe your goal is to always have dishes done or dishwasher loaded before bed.

Maybe it is to have your outfit laid out for the morning, and the rest put away. Or you have bins placed around the house and can easily place toys and things in a designated bin before bed. 

Be creative with your preparation the night before. And make it work for you!!

Now lastly, Bedtime:)

 Oh man going to bed at a decent time can sometimes feel impossible. Shutting down and unwinding can seem like a distant dream. But having a goal in mind for when you would like to be in bed, can make all the difference.

Setting that intention, knowing it will create an even better morning. 

Pick a bedtime that seems doable for you. Be honest with yourself.

And ask yourself. When do I normally go to bed? Can I aim for being in bed 15 minutes earlier?
Gradually work up to a rhythm. And if you fall off the wagon, Yay! that means your human! 

It happens to us all and just keep focused on the intention behind it all. Notice how you feel in the morning after you have made these small shifts?
And when you find a preparation flow that feels really good, you will continue to strive to have more of it. 

 Because my dear friend, you deserve it!

Check out the video below

Sending lots of good vibes your way:)

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