Virtual Career transition and stress management Coach, Healer, and Meditation Teacher. I help professionals avoid burn out and find fulfillment.

If we don't start getting creative and gaining new perspectives, we can fall behind in life and feel like we are always playing catch up.

What coaching does is make space, for you. Investing time and energy into yourself can truly change you life.

What is the cost of not changing?

For me that is why I chose to be coached. I knew I needed to invest in myself because the cost of doing nothing was a price I wasn't willing to pay.

You can try a 1:1 session if you feel like saying a hell yes to yourself, or you can try my meditation membership

My membership is the start to coaching, which is all about making space, and slowing down. It is less commitment, taking 20 to 30 minutes a few times a week to receive a meditative moment.

I created this membership because I don't believe we should cope, just get by, or feel like we are always behind. When I started taking small moments for myself, my life began to change. It is that powerful, I learned to connect to myself which meant I began connecting to my life in much more enjoyable ways.

If you would like a free consultation or to try the membership for a week, let me know! There is no pressure, but you must come 50% of the way and take a chance, what will you chose? No one can make the change but you.

Message me to connect or book a consultation on my booking site

Testimonials: See what others have to say!

“As a coach, Chelsey helps me to unearth my passion. Once it is found, she becomes a guide for taking steps, staying tuned in, and allowing the very best to unfold. I feel seen, heard, felt and energized to live a fulfilling life. I am so grateful for her gifts as a coach and guide."

-Lindsay McKenzie

“Chelsey has guided me to self-discoveries that I felt inside but had never articulated or knew how to for that matter.  I know that at each session she is showing up for me with sincerity to guide me through tough challenges. Chelsey helps reveal the positive power I have inside leading me to clarity and intention.   She uses a variety of methods yet each session feels naturally progressive and free-form, with no expectations to get anywhere. She takes it a step further by providing custom meditations and thought prompts for reflection between sessions.  I feel grateful to have Chelsey as coach and am becoming a better person for it”

-Monique Marez

“Before working with Chelsey, I had made some choices in my life that had been haunting me for years. I had so much guilt and confusion about whether or not I was doing the right thing for myself. In the back of my mind at all times I was replaying the decisions I had made. This caused me to constantly worry about whether or not these choices were going to cause problems for me in the future and ultimately paralyzed me from moving too far forward. 

Within an hour of working with Chelsey, she helped guide me to complete mental freedom and clarity with my choices. She didn't force me to feel one way or the other, she instead intuitively guided me through my anxiety getting to the heart of it and allowed me to break it down and fully release from it.

I could cry happy tears just thinking about the weight that came off my shoulders that day. For years I had been stressing about my choices and now I never feel the need to look back. The session left me feeling happy, free, light, and most importantly empowered to continue on my journey with the confidence that everything is as it was meant to and that I have the power to move forward and create the life I want without rehashing the past. Within a day, years of mental torment vanished. I can not put a price on the gift Chelsey gave me. 

I recommend working with Chelsey regularly to keep your thoughts and actions clear and focused on what you want. She has the ability to free your mind and soul at the deepest level. I could not recommend her enough. My only wish is that I would have found her sooner.”

-Sarah Sticklin  

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